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World War II Museum Rebrand

The National WWII Museum Redesign embodies the American spirit while also giving one of the biggest wars in history the reverence and respect it deserves. My goal was to refresh the look and feel while keeping the meaning behind the museum. This was accomplished by introducing a bright red and a deep navy that, while representing the American flag, also give the museum a more modern touch. Inspiration for the logo was taken from type during the time period, old crate labeling, and a folded American flag all of which give the mark a feeling of permanence and impact. Taken from the mark is a diagonal line that becomes a secondary part of the brand as seen on signage, brochures, stationary, and digital platforms.


The idea of a children's app was created after seeing how most children visiting the museum did not seem to understand the gravity of the event they were learning about. This gives kids an opportunity to learn by giving them a scavenger hunt to follow and introducing actual heroes and heroines from the war while also offering an incentive if the hunt is completed.


A separate brand was created for the State of Deception special exhibit to show how the museum would handle it's larger visiting exhibits versus it's permanent collections. The State of Deception branding uses a combination of collaged imagery, a bright red reflecting that of the Nazi flag, and type to show the delusion of a majority of Germans during WWII due to a clever implementation of propaganda by the Nazi party.

© 2017 by Kaleigh Watteau

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